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Cables can be divided into electromagnetic wires and general-purpose insulated wires according to their main applications

The difference between wire and cable depends on the size of the wire is generally small, the electrical conductor cross-section is very large (more than 6 square millimeters) called large wire and cable, smaller (less than or equal to 6 square millimeters) called small wire, insulated wire is also called cloth wire. But sometimes the cable is also classified as theoretical wire.

Global Wire and Cable Industry 2018 Market Status and Trend Analysis

Wire and cable industry has become a fundamental industry in China's industrial development, from the subdivision of applications, mainly contains power cables, electrical cables, communication cables fiber optic cable sea, submarine cables and feature cables.

Anhui: 60% of wire and cable qualified

The sampling of Hefei 12 distribution units of 30 groups of cell phones. Inspection results, 22 sets of qualified, the pass rate of 73%; 8 groups failed. Failure of 8 groups of machines in 4 groups is the appearance or performance parameters failed, 4 groups is the battery or battery charger failed.

XLPE insulated wire wins UL certification

Low smoke and low halogen, low smoke and halogen-free cross-linked PE insulated wires have passed UL certification, the specific models are as follows: 3167, 3168, 3173, 3199, 3237, 3265, 3266, 3271, 3272, 3275, 3289, 3321, 3331, 3343, 3351, 3352, 3385, 3386, 3398, 3433, etc. Welcome to buy.

Shanghai wire and cable company: talk about domestic and foreign wire and cable bidding

Throughout the wire and cable bidding procedures at home and abroad, the characteristics of the bidding documents, the preparation of tender documents and evaluation methods, combined with the in-depth development of China's socialist market economy in recent years and the continuous improvement of the market mechanism, coupled with the impact of e-commerce.....
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